3 Gun Competition Toolkit

$438.00 USD

Choose Your Torque Tools

We built this compact, versatile toolkit specifically to keep 3-gunners in the competition, no matter what challenges they face in the field. The 3-Gun Competition Toolkit offers shooters a comprehensive assortment of tools to maintain rifles, pistols and shotguns, as well as tighten down optics and accessories to the correct torque, while on the go. The entire toolkit comes in a soft side carrying case that can fit in a cargo pocket.

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Three Guns, One Kit

In competition, you can't afford to be fumbling around with multiple, one-task tools. The 3-Gun Competition Toolkit has all your firearms covered, and keeps all your tools organized and ready to go at a moment's notice.

Ultimate Simplicity or Exacting Precision

You can get this toolkit with our either our All-In-One Torque Driver that you turn until you reach the hashmark with the torque value you need, or go for the extreme precision of our four Individual Torque Limiters.


Don’t drag large, single-use tools into the field. Bring The Works to build what you need on the spot and tackle nearly anything.


When it has to be spot on, it has to be Fix It Sticks. Even working in the field our tools give you the precision every job deserves.


We make every component from the highest-quality materials, machining them to fit each other precisely and work together flawlessly.



You might be surprised to learn Fix It Sticks are conceived and designed in Chicago, Illinois. Discover the intensely curious people and the ingenious philosophy behind these slightly addictive little tools.