Field Pistol Sight Tool

Field pistol site tool is the perfect compact yet capable site adjustment tool for polymer dovetail sites.

For The Love of Guns Podcast Episode 113

Go behind the scenes of Fix It Sticks with some of the crew and The Rogue Banshee on the For The Love of Guns podcast.

The Works Toolkit

The Works Toolkit is so versatile, it replaces dozens of individual tools. It’s so modular and compact, it’s all contained in one small case you can easily carry anywhere you use your firearms.

Rifle & Optics Toolkit

This is the kit you need to take the guesswork out of installing optics and working on your rifles. The All-In-One Torque Driver will give you the confidence to mount optics securely the first time, every time

Handgun & Optics Kit

With one compact, lightweight kit, you get all the tools a serious handgunner needs to fix, maintain, upgrade and modify a pistol.

Torque Limiters

See how Fix It Sticks' Limiters prevent over-tightening of fasteners.

All-In-One Torque Drivers

Take a quick look at how the Fix It Sticks' All-In-One Torque Drivers work.

Optics Bubble Level Set

Place shots with increased accuracy by mounting your optics using the Fix It Sticks Bubble Level Set.

Scope Jack Leveling Tool

Use the Fix It Sticks Scope Jack to quickly and easily level your scope when mounting.

Remington® 700 Bolt Opener

Access your Remington® 700 firing pin quickly and easily in the field with the Fix It Sticks custom Remington 700 Bolt Opener bit.

Fix It Sticks AR Toolkit Overview

MODULAR MADE EASY with the Fix It Sticks AR Toolkit.

Scope Leveling Tools - Optics Bubble Level Set & Scope Jack

Leveling your scope with your rifle is critical to long range accuracy. Place shots with increased accuracy using Fix It Sticks leveling tools to quickly and precisely mount your optics.