About Fix It Sticks


You might be surprised to learn Fix It Sticks are conceived and designed in Chicago, Illinois. Discover the intensely curious people and the ingenious philosophy behind these slightly addictive little tools.

Finding A Better Way

It’s a real problem: most tools for your firearms — most tools period — just aren’t meant to be portable. Too big. Too clunky. Too limited in use. Nobody wants to drag a toolbox with them, and that means your hunt, your competition — whatever you’re doing — could be ruined because you don’t have the right tools on hand.

We looked at what was available and thought “there’s got to be a better way.”

Born In Illinois, USA

That better way is Fix It Sticks. Designed and prototyped in Illinois, and crafted with extreme precision in Taiwan, it’s a compact, lightweight system of highly modular T-handles that work with a variety of specialty tools and torque limiters, as well as standard 1/4" bits. You get the best of everything: shop-level precision, fantastic performance and unbeatable portability.

Asked For By Name

We believed in the Fix It Sticks system. And we knew we’d gotten it right when we started receiving orders from competitive shooters and military snipers. Next thing we knew, manufacturers such as Barrett Firearms and Heckler & Koch wanted to include our tools with their products and as part of military contracts. We even started receiving orders directly from military units all across the country.

Since then, we’ve added so many useful components to the system, we’ve become a favorite of your average firearms enthusiasts, cyclists and anyone who appreciates great tools, loves to tinker, build their own firearms, swap optics, and more.

The Three Ps Keep Us Turning

If you had to boil Fix It Sticks down, we’re about three things: Portable, Precision, and Performance. If a tool doesn’t meet all three of those criteria, we don’t make it. It’s really about finding a need, then exciting our customers with something they’ve never seen before, and solving a problem in a way that surprises them. It takes of lot of thinking, trying and failing, then thinking, trying and failing again. And when it works, you just know it.

That’s what keeps us — and you — turning.

It's more than tools, it's a system


Don’t drag large, single-use tools into the field. Bring The Works to build what you need on the spot and tackle nearly anything.


With tools like our Individual Torque Limiters or All-in-One Torque Driver, you can work with incredible precision on the fly. 


Made from the highest-quality materials and machined to fit each other precisely, parts are even magnetized to lock securely in place.