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Torque Limiters

Fix it Sticks add ons that allow the precision application of torque. Prevents over or under tightening of scope mounts.

Torque Limiters

This versatile, portable, and easy to use add on for Fix it Sticks is designed for precise application of torque to help prevent over-torquing—perfect for scope rings and bases.


  • Torque Limiters accept any ¼” bit, and work with any ¼” bit driver
  • Currently available in 65, 45, and 25 inch lbs for general scope mounting applications, as well as 80 and 70 inch lbs (for Desert Tech rifles) and 49 inch lbs (for Accuracy International rifles).
  • Works with Replaceable and T-Way Fix it Sticks
  • Retains accuracy for up to 20,000 cycles for 15, 25, and 45 lb liters and 5,000 cycles for 65 Lbs
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